1) THE 'SEVEN REALM ARTS' DOMINATRIX COURSE - Beginning February 25th 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.



This is a comprehensive introductory Dominatrix Diploma course, for current or would-be Mistresses/Dominas, and for submissives who will be subjects/submissives/slaves/guinea pigs utilized for practice and play and experimentation.

This is the second time the course has been run, and in the first course - the submissives reported that they greatly benefited from and enjoyed being part of the Dominatrix Diploma course. Individuals are welcome to enroll in the course as well as couples, which will add to the mix of experience.

The course is taught over 8 fortnightly classes by renowned International author on the subject of the Dominatrix, Anne O Nomis.

The course combines both theory and practice of an Introductory & Framework (Week 1), followed by the 'Seven Realm Arts':

Realm Art I – The Art of the Sublime and Powerful Woman

Realm Art II – The Art of Lowering the Man to Submission

Realm Art III – The Art of Bondage, Entrapment and Enclosure

Realm Art IV – The Art of Discipline, Training and Punishment

Realm Art V – The Art of the Bodily and the Out-of-Bodily

Realm Art VI – The Art of Cross-Dressing and Subversion

Realm Art VII – The Art of Fetish and Fantasy

NB Disclaimer: The term 'Diploma' is used somewhat tongue-in-cheek, although attendees will receive a certificate signed by Anne O Nomis at the course's completion, and it is looked well upon by many professional Dominatrices in the industry who know of Anne and her course. It is not of course a Government-recognized / HECS course. (We're sure you realize this anyway, but just to spell it out.)


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50 Shades of Grey has brought BDSM into the public erotic imagination, however provided a somewhat unhealthy model of male dominance and female submission. This workshop course "the non-grey way" is taught by International author Anne O Nomis who wrote 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix', undertook a one year apprenticeship in a well-regarded dungeon in 2009, and has spent years practicing and mentoring in the arts of BDSM. 


The non-grey way is a workshop for couples wishing to explore the male dominant / female submissive dynamic in their erotic relationship, based upon mutual desire, negotiation and informed consent in BDSM play.


It is designed for curious couples, beginners and those with some experience of BDSM who wish to learn more about how to put into play a healthy framework for exploration, and learn how to use the most popular equipment and practices of BDSM in a relationship dynamic.


Evening 1:

Red - Safewords, safety, and how to read non-verbal stop signs.

Black - Bondage, blindfolds and direction; and how they allow women to 'let go'.

Evening 2:

Pink - Ways to arouse a woman to blushing and flushing; spanking, embarassment, nipple play and erogenous zones.

Purple - Erotic flogging, marks of love, cherishing your submissive and providing after-care and kindness.

Evening 3:

Blue - Entering the fantasy zone, roleplay, dressing up, imaginative exploration and flourishes of fetish. 

Orange - Continual kindling of the erotic flame; Goddess rituals of bathing and beautification, Gods bearing gifts and appreciative words, setting and lighting the stage for erotic play. 





This is a new course currently under development, which will teach the ancient Goddess rituals pertaining to eroticism and sacred sexual union, which hold relevance to modern women.


- Preparations of bathing and beautification.

- Sex songs and the dance of desire

- Feast of the senses; activating the appetite, music and food of desire.

- Setting up the perfumed bed for active erotic play and sexual union.