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'VILLA DOMME' week-long Dominatrix training course in Tuscany, Italy (with room & board provided in a Tuscan villa for all participants) - 5th - 12th May 2018


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The course is taught over 8 fortnightly classes by renowned International author on the subject of the Dominatrix, Anne O Nomis.

The course combines both theory and practice of an Introductory & Framework (Week 1), followed by the 'Seven Realm Arts':

Realm Art I – The Art of the Sublime and Powerful Woman

Realm Art II – The Art of Lowering the Man to Submission

Realm Art III – The Art of Bondage, Entrapment and Enclosure

Realm Art IV – The Art of Discipline, Training and Punishment

Realm Art V – The Art of the Bodily and the Out-of-Bodily

Realm Art VI – The Art of Cross-Dressing and Subversion

Realm Art VII – The Art of Fetish and Fantasy

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'Colours of Play is a collection of symposium evenings, exploring different colours of consensual, pleasurable, benevolent BDSM and kink play.
I designed the course for open-minded and curious individuals and couples wishing to explore Dominance / submission dynamics and kink activities within their erotic relationships. It's flavoured by my belief - that healthy lifestyle BDSM exploration should be based upon mutual desire, negotiation and informed consent. (I know - call me crazy right?) And in addition to this, benevolence - coming from a good place in which you want good things for your partner in terms of pleasure, fulfilment and wellbeing.  
In the course I address common questions around BDSM play which I get asked all the time.


"How do I discuss / negotiate BDSM play with a partner?"


"How do I help my partner (or myself) let go and submit?"


"How do I do bondage? How do I spank? How do I use a flogger / paddle? How do I use use nipple clamps?"


"How do I get into fantasy play without feeling ridiculous?"


"How do I understand / fulfil my partner's interest / fetish for ______?"


"How do I get in the right frame of mind when I'm feeling insecure over my weight / attractiveness / ability to perform?"


The course is divided into six evenings, each exploring a theme of BDSM and kink play, with an associated colour. Consider it a smorgasbord / buffet of complimentary offerings, from which you can take 1 dish, several dishes, or eat them all! 


Evening 1: RED - How to discuss BDSM and fetish interests, negotiate and establish safeguards for exploratory play?


Red - Danger and desire share the same continuum and red colour of signalling. In this class I talk about how to safely explore danger and desire, through negotiation, communication and use of safewords, and considering and mitigating potential risks. This class includes interest questionnaires, sex and BDSM / kink exploration maps, and open empathetic questions and sharing. I will discuss how to avoid the most common mishaps that can cause risk or danger during play. Followed by the most common methods of safewords and signals, as well as guide to checking in and non-verbal communication and feedback, to enable you to be able to relax and let down your guard, to enjoy exploring BDSM and kink play.

Evening 2 - BLACK - How to use bondage, blindfolds and verbal command as tools to explore deeper desires and to "let go" and enjoy?

Black - BDSM embraces our darker desires and so the colour black. Complimentary to this, the black clarity of command. I will be discussing how to use bondage (collar, cuffs, rope, gag) and blindfolds, and teach the class some simple rope bondage. Next I will discuss how to use verbal command and non-verbal communicative feedback; to allow the dominant to freely explore, and for the submissive to 'let go', acquiesce and enjoy.

Evening 3: PINK - How to warm up your partner, arouse their interest, spank them and get their juices and endorphins flowing? How to do nipple play and use nipple clamps?

Pink - In this class I discuss ways to arouse, to pinken them to blushing and flushing with light embarassment, erotic humiliation and enjoyable objectification while respecting their brain and being. How to tease and stimulate the erotic erogenous zones - including the mind. How to use nipple play and clamps. How to spank them to a rosy pink, and get their juices and endorphins flowing. 

Evening 4 - PURPLE - How to use a flogger and paddle? How to drive up endorphins into a frenzy and into ecstasy (really!)? How to look after and check in with your partner during and after play - to increase connection and the likelihood your partner will want to play even more in the future? 

Purple - is the colour of love marks, the lingering memories of passion and play. It's also colour of royal treatment. In this class I discuss going erotic flogging and paddling, building up an endorphin frenzy and pushing into ecstasy and sub-space and its parallel Dom-space. I will discuss how to make the submissive feel cherished, providing after-care, kindness and consideration. How to forge mutual appreciation and trust, laying foundations for future play enthusiasm. 

Evening 5: BLUE - How to step into fantasy and roleplay (without feeling ridiculous)? How to understand, fulfil (and even embrace) your partner's fetishes to dramatically enhance their pleasure and enjoyment?  

Blue - In this class we enter the blue zone. The realm of fantasy, roleplay, dressing up, imaginative exploration and flourishes of fetish. The French have an expression 'L'heure bleue', the blue hour, a kind of magical hour in which anything is possible, and the usual rules don't apply. I also discuss fetishes and how they can provide an almost magical source of arousal and pleasure in play.

Evening 6: ORANGE - How to rekindle desire? How to feel in the mood when you're affected by concerns of body self-image, or feel bogged down by domesticity or work? What can ancient sex rituals tell us that's relevant to kindling erotic desire today?

Orange - In this final class, I focus on the idea of the continual kindling of the erotic flame. Informed by an archaeological knowledge of 3000 years of Goddess sex rituals from Mesopotamia, the Levant and Cyprus, (yes really - I have a Masters in archaeology, and it's the subject of my new major work), I will discuss wisdom and rituals acquired over thousands of years that were used to embrace sexuality and kindle erotic pleasure. This includes the value of a large heart, Goddess rituals of bathing and beautification (which we could modern hashtag #self-care) and Gods bearing gifts and metaphorical plough for the sacred vulva. Mutually appreciative murmured words and expressions of pleasure, preserved in ancient sex songs. Finally, what I learnt about how the ancients created the erotic mis-en-scene (setting), celebrated sacred sexuality, and enjoyed a festive after-party, joining after-play and foreplay anew. 

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This is a new course currently under development, which will teach the ancient Goddess rituals pertaining to eroticism and sacred sexual union, which hold relevance to modern women.


- Preparations of bathing and beautification.

- Sex songs and the dance of desire

- Feast of the senses; activating the appetite, music and food of desire.

- Setting up the perfumed bed for active erotic play and sexual union.