In the last few years, Anne's reputation has grown as one of the top teachers in the world of BDSM and kink. She is also busy extending her expertise into the area of the ancient sex Goddess and sex rituals, entrenched within research and writing from her knowledge of archaeology, which will be intriguing to those with an interest in this topic.

Anne teaches a Dominatrix course on the Seven Realm Arts™ in Melbourne Australia (in person), and an International Course of Correspondence (or ICOC in the Seven Realm Arts™) which is taught remotely.

She teaches Villa Domme™ as a week-long course in Domination in Tuscany, which first ran in 2018 with great feedback, and will run again in 2019. 

Seven Realm Arts™ Dominatrix course - taught in Melbourne, Australia in person 

Anne O Nomis runs a Seven Realm Arts™ Dominatrix course in Melbourne Australia, where she is based, that is very popular and typically sold-out months in advance. It is taught in the upstairs Main Salon above Passionfruit Sensuality Shop, a highly-regarded upscale sexuality shop located at 404 Bridge Road in Richmond. Students attend not only from Melbourne surrounds, but also fly in from regional centres such as Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane to attend Anne's lessons in person.  

The Seven Realm Arts™ Dominatrix course combines both theory and practice of an Introductory & Framework (Week 1), followed by the 'Seven Realm Arts':

Realm Art I – The Art of the Sublime and Powerful Woman

Realm Art II – The Art of Lowering the Man to Submission

Realm Art III – The Art of Bondage, Entrapment and Enclosure

Realm Art IV – The Art of Discipline, Training and Punishment

Realm Art V – The Art of the Bodily and the Out-of-Bodily

Realm Art VI – The Art of Cross-Dressing and Subversion

Realm Art VII – The Art of Fetish and Fantasy


Seven Realm Arts Fetish and Fantasy class

Above: A sub trapped in latex body bag bondage, and loving every minute of it. From Realm Art VII - Fetish and Fantasy class.

This course is open to all levels of experience from beginners to experienced players and Mistresses. (Anne also allows attendance of a small number of submissives who will be subjects/subs/slaves/guinea pigs for the would-be Dominatrices to practice upon). It attracts a wide range of fabulous women, of ages ranging from their 20's to their 70's, and a broad range of professions. (In the past, class members have included a doctor, kindergarten teacher, rock singer, civil rights lawyer, physicist, feminist scholar, photographer, some of the top escorts and sex workers in Australia - to give an indication of the broad range of occupational backgrounds. This always makes for very interesting classes.) 

The current courses are completely sold out, but due to the amount of interest the next set of course dates will be announced shortly. 

Course enrolment bookings are administered by Passionfruit Sensuality Shop Contact: Passionfruit Sensuality Shop  Web:  Email: or email queries to Anne at:  Address: 404 Bridge Rd, Richmond, VIC 3121. Tel: (03) 9421 3391

Advanced Dominatrix course  

Anne teaches an Advanced Dominatrix course on demand, biannually (every 2 years), for those wanting to go on to learn at a more advanced level. This is taught in both the main salon and in Anne's Education Salon at Passionfruit, which is set-up for purpose with historic Dominatrix furniture and BDSM equipment.

Education Salon

Education Salon

Above: Anne O Nomis's Education Salon at Passionfruit Sensuality Shop

Course enrolment bookings are administered by Passionfruit Sensuality Shop Contact: Passionfruit Sensuality Shop  Web:  Email: or email queries to Anne at:  Address: 404 Bridge Rd, Richmond, VIC 3121. Tel: (03) 9421 3391


Oz Kink Fest Weekend Intensive 

Anne O Nomis will also be presenting alongside other International BDSM educators at Oz Kink Fest at their Weekend Intensive which runs on 22nd - 23rd September 2018, on topics of Ancient Domination & Sex Rituals, and Corporal Punishment Tradition & Practice. (For booking Workshops by Anne O Nomis and other presenters go to:

Oz Kink Fest Workshop Presenter 2018


VILLA DOMME™ - Domination course taught in a villa in Tuscany, Italy and attended by International students

In 2018, the very first VILLA DOMME™ Mysteries of Domination course was taught in an historic villa (originally built for a Countess in the 19th Century) in Tuscany. Attendees flew in from all over the world, from UK, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Africa, Hong Kong and Australia for what was Anne's first International course of its kind. Most connected into Florence, via Rome, before being transferred across to the villa itself which is located in a mountain village about 50 mins drive from Florence.

The event was such a success in terms of the feedback received, that Anne is planning to run VILLA DOMME ™ again in 2019. The course programme is currently being put together and once finalized will be announced and updated here. It is anticipated that it will be running in June 2019, if you're eager to pencil-book it into your diary.



SEX GODDESS TOUR - From the aphros, Cyprus 2019

Anne O Nomis has had a life-long interest in ancient Goddesses and sexuality, and undertook her Masters in Comparative Art and Archaeology at University College London (UCL). For the last five years, she has been undertaking a significant new work of research and writing on the Goddesses of Mesopotamia, Levant and Cyprus - Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte and Aphrodite amongst them.

In 2019, she will be leading a tour group to the island of the sex Goddess, Cyprus, taking in major sites and museums. Anne wants to take a different approach than neo-pagan tours, or idealized matrilineal peaceful society type tours, or wholly invented not-historic-or-plausible stuff which is out there. While she has nothing against these tours and empathises with the desire to connect to female spirituality, her own tour is more archaeological, historical, dirtier and wetter - in the sense of being based on the actual archaeological evidence, artwork and artifacts, myths and oral traditions, to try and convey the historical rituals practiced to music and with bathing, beautification and sex songs and festivities.


The "aphros" was the sea foam of semen from the castrated genitals of Uranus (God of Heaven) which were cut off by his son Cronos, from which the sex Goddess Aphrodite emerged fully-formed in mythology. As Anne will explain, there was a tradition of a "Great Goddess" on the island who co-mingled with other sex Goddesses of ancient seafarers of the Mediterranean, particularly from the East. The Mesopotamian Inanna or Ishtar as she was known was certainly one of these, and the rituals practised closely resemble those practiced thousands of years earlier in the river marsh lands of ancient Sumer at sites which are now desert due to the changing watercourses in modern-day Iraq. The ritual practised has been referred to as "sacred marriage" which is a false and much-later term from the Greek "hieros gamos", and in fact was more accurately the qursu - the (active) sex ritual, or "fucking ritual" when directly translated. There was the selection of a lover-consort, the setting up of a flowered ornate bed in a fragrant perfumed chamber, bathing and anointing of the head with sacred oil, beautification with kohl and cosmetics and beautiful dress and jewellery, and desire expressed in song in which the Goddess conveys her want of sex, her needs needing to be met by her consort that he may pleasure her and receive her blessing. A significant body of sex songs exist in Sumerian literature, recording the elements of the ritual, and with their visual counterpart in material finds.