Private tuition

Private 1-on-1 Tuition with Anne O Nomis 

It is possible to arrange private one-on-one consult appointments with Anne O Nomis as a consultant / teacher / coach, via Zoom appointment. Further information about Anne's teaching is found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. 


Anne's rate for 1-on-1 tuition consult is AUD $280 / hour. (Which is approx $190 USD, or £155 pounds GDP, at time of writing this, but will obviously fluctuate daily. For up-to-date currency conversions refer to or your local bank currency converter.)

Presently she also offers a longer 1.5 hour tuition consult at AUD $350 / 1.5 hours. 

Special student pricing is available for past and present students of Anne's Seven Realm Arts™ certificate course wishing to do a further tuition consult, at $200 / 1 hour.


Bookings are done in real time to Anne's available schedule "live" and correct at any time, with times during daytime work hours, or a late evening slot, which converts for those Internationally. You can book and pay with instant confirmation by clicking the below button to live schedule an appointment with Anne O Nomis:

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Ordinarily in non Coronavirus quarantine times, Anne O Nomis offered private tuition lessons at her custom-equipped 'Education Salon' located upstairs above Passionfruit Sensuality Shop, 404 Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. The room is fitted out with antique and modern equipment tailored for purpose to a wide range of educational interests.

However due to the present lockdown in Melbourne, she is not presently offering in person consults. 



Anne's teaches psychology, theory and practical of all Domination arts via Zoom. Foundationally she starts with where you are now in your journey, what knowledge you seek to gain, starting with the goal and inner work; and onto teaching each area with psychology, theory and practice of skillset. This methodology has worked very successfully with her students over the years, and she is a warm and empowering teacher. Her anonymous feedback forms receive 9.6 / 10 average review and glowing comments from past students. Some of her students have openly posted on Twitter or social media about their experience taking Anne's courses in Melbourne, or Villa Domme in Tuscany, so it's easy to undertake independent research or to verify Anne's teaching abilities and reputation. Her classes in Melbourne are sold-out within days of being announced, due to word-of-mouth recommendations. As well as having written the major book worldwide on the Dominatrix. Anne has been giving talks and teaching and giving talks for seven years, and she has taught the Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts certificate course for five years, to sold-out classes.


For any queries email Anne at: