Masochist threat - Masochist Manual by Anne O Nomis


Anne O Nomis has spent the last four years researching - and tweeting - her new work on masochists. Having worked out all their secrets, she has whizzed together this new publication revealing their psychology, deep needs, and techniques.

Some of the first "gold nuggets" were touted on Twitter linked to a blog post, that had masochists everywhere shiver in fear and awe, and she received emails begging her to take it down. 

A masochist blackmail (tongue-in-cheek) was launched by Anne O Nomis threatening publication to the Mistresses if patronage by masochists all around the world was not met.    

Image: Twitter response of @MMsChoko to @AnneONomis

One masochist who goes by the name 'Oscar' came forward and entered into negotiations with Anne O Nomis. Realising the inevitability that the information would come out one way or another, the main concern was to cushion the blow of information on masochist's manipulations to the Mistresses. And to prepare masochists for this information coming out in a matter of months.

A ransom was agreed upon to be paid on completion of the project, with confidential conditions which are intended to help ensure that masochists' interests are to some degree looked after within the terms agreed.


Anne O Nomis has agreed to the terms of the arrangement.

But wishes to make it clear that masochists are NOT off the hook. 


What's in the new work? 

It is thought I may reveal the full range of techniques that masochists use on Mistresses to draw them in and "bump" them into giving out invested punishment and humiliation with pain hits and 4 Ts (tease, torment, toy, torture). 

It is also speculated that the book may contain additional information on Leopold von Sacher Masoch, and historical letters and archival material. Alongside this, an analysis of the psychology, interests and fantasies of masochists, and why they "do" what they do. I have considered issue of compatability and what types of Mistress personalities work best with masochists, and how masochists can be managed.


Photo: Leopold von Sacher Masoch, and image from his stationary of a female wielding a whip and wearing furs, a life-long fantasy of the author of  'Venus in Furs'.


Will you release the secrets of masochists to Mistresses?

Yes. I will. I'm evil. (Wink)

However I am also empathetic and understanding of masochists and their plight. The difficulties they face to try and find a Mistress who can undertake the activities they need with fetish entwined, and why it's so important to them, and the strong erotic charge as well as deeper emotional release from ego that it's fulfilling. 


This was the reality for masochists in the 1980s seeking a Dominant woman: Advertising cards placed in locations such as Soho, telephone boxes around London, tobacconist windows, etc. 


How did you work us out? 

I've been studying masochists for years. I've managed to squeeze, trample and torture the information out of masochists, and give them attention in exchange for information.

I've also read up everything there is to read on Leopold von Sacher Masoch, his works, his wife's diary, and most every book every published on masochism. 

I'm continuing my work presently, completing my writing, and drawing interview data from masochists together.

OK panic. So what date will the new work be released? 

Planned dates for the manuscript copies (keeping in mind there is possibility of factors outside my control with Covid-19 and shut-down of printing companies in Melbourne, Australia) are:

Printing & binding: 26th-30th October 2020

Date book is unleashed: 14th November 2020

This date also happens to be Kali Puja - the Hindu festival of the Creator-Destroyer Goddess Kali. You know - the one who trampled men beneath her.

Physical copies of the manuscript "advance copy" individually bound as hardcover be pre-ordered at £120.00 (Updated, with the price reflecting the high costs of running a tiny small edition with university binding and postage costs of sending out the hard copy version.) Anne expects there will be 100 copies.

Anyone pre-ordering a copy must keen note that Anne is working with printers and if Covid-19 restrictions shut them down then this date will inevitably run somewhat late, and that will be outside her control. She will do everything she can to have the manuscript copies going out on Kali Festival, but can't control Coronavirus or the government decision to lock-down. 

The book will also be available on Kindle for those prepared to wait, just as 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix' book is available inexpensively on kindle alongside the hardcover copy.



Who (the hell) are you Anne O Nomis? 

My bio here:

Anne O Nomis is the elusive author of the book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix'. She has lived in Australia, France and UK, and researched and practiced in Domination arts, BDSM and kink / fetish activities, and is regarded as an authority on the topic of the Dominatrix.

She has a Masters degree in Comparative Art & Archaeology from UCL (University College London), and teaches on Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts both in person and by International online course. Anne has given talks at the Freud Museum in London, taught as one of the International presenters at Oz Kink Fest.

In 2018 she founded Villa Domme in a historic villa in Europe with secret location, attended by top Dommes around the world, and their subs / slaves / masochists, which is an annual event held every June. (Villa Domme 2020 moved back one year due to Coronavirus and will be held in 2021 in a castle take-over booked out exclusively for the event.) 

Anne presently lives in Melbourne Australia and has a 4 year old daughter.


Villa Domme 2019 Lady Mephista & Anne O Nomis


Can we kill you off?

Technically yes, but I've deposited 3 copies with 3 lawyers around the world. And I'm anonymous. And you know it's illegal to murder people and you'd end up in jail. 

Can we contact you? 

Twitter handle: AnneONomis


What will our Mistress do to us when she reads your book?

I don't know, but it won't be good if you've been "bumping" her for years with your machinations.

Can we apologise to our Mistress for all our sins and beg for mercy in advance of this book coming out?

Yes! You can admit to your Mistress that you know your secret manipulation techniques are being revealed, confess all your sins, fall at the feet of your Mistress and beg for her forgiveness for all the masochistic manipulations you've put her through over the years.

I suggest you do this prior to the book's release on the Kali festival on 14 November 2020.

After that, may the Goddess have mercy on your soul.