The advance copies arrive - photographs

The advance copies arrive - photographs

'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix' - designed by award-winning NZ book designer, Anna Egan-Reid.


With 'belly band' pronouncing first edition


After a bit of a hold-up in customs (and I'm sure the customs officers were enjoying the 'inspection'), I have just received a batch of advance copies of the book from my printer.

I'm sure my book designer Anna Egan-Reid must be thrilled with the result. Both Anna and myself have a background in art history and design, and thoroughly indulged our mutual appreciation of book craft on this project. People were worried about the cover from the graphic, and I was trying to explain "no, but the real thing will be gold leaf embossed, on a deep Phoenician purple, with a burgandy scarlet ribbon marker..." They couldn't picture it in their head the way we could. Now everyone can see it!

I believe Anna Egan-Reid plans to enter the book in the annual book design awards, with finalists announced next year. I wish her all the best and will keep my fingers crossed for her (not that she needs it). 

The interior design, which you'll see photos of soon, drew inspiration from Henry Spencer Ashbee's 'Index Librorum Prohibitorum' (Index of Forbidden Books), with special fonts and red headings as conceived of by Anna Egan-Reid.

As mentioned earlier, it's turned out thicker than I imagined, with more full-colour illustrations of historic Dominatrices through the eras. We couldn't be happier. I've begun dispatching orders out of Singapore to those who have pre-ordered the book, so you will receive your book before the official launch!

I know everyone's dying to know the party details, which will have some colourful characters in attendance in London. I will update you soon...

For those wanting books for Christmas and as gifts - please place your order asap as there's a lag to get your book sent over from Singapore to your address in the UK (or anywhere else in the world for that matter)! 

x Anne O Nomis



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