The History & Arts of the Dominatrix

Discovering and bringing to light both ancient and modern traditions of female dominance, Anne O Nomis’ research traces these connective webs of secret knowledge and illuminates the forbidden lineages of desire that have been woven throughout human history.

The History & Arts of the Dominatrix is the illustrated treatise on the female Dominant throughout history, and the first book of its kind to exist on the subject.

With painstaking original research in museums, libraries and underground sources, Anne O Nomis uncovers and passes on the secret knowledge of their practices, from ancient rituals in honour of the Goddess Inanna, (involving gender transformation, punishment, pain and ecstasy), to the secular and specialised erotic entrepreneurship craft from the 16th Century and through on into the 20th Century’s ‘bizarre underground’.

These underground practices are informed by a deep understanding of Dominance studies and the nature of human desire and its expression, communicated as the ‘Seven Realm Arts’.

  • Anne O Nomis bestows her knowledge to seekers in her acclaimed Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ certificate course. This is an Internationally-regarded course in Dominatrix arts, psychology and practices, recommended by dungeons and senior Mistresses alike. It has been taken by over 400 students from sixteen countries (and counting).

    Some seek out this knowledge out as an aspiring Domme or lifestyle Mistress, and some for their own learning and exploration. They come from diverse backgrounds including psychology, therapy, sex work, performance arts, medicine, yoga, corporate management, gender studies and other university fields, amongst others.

    The Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ certificate course is a comprehensive 8 week program that will equip you with the history, knowledge and practicum skills in all foundations of Dominance.

  • The course is grounded in Anne's philosophy of ‘Large Heart, Open Mind’ and underpinned by consent models of SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) and RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink).

    You'll learn the advanced psychology of different roles and expressions, and gain insights into the ancient roots and historic traditions of the Dominatrix, from the world expert in the field. Alongside this, you will be guided through actual practice of each of the Dominatrix Seven Realm Arts™ across all foundations, as a comprehensive course of learning to empower your own embodiment.

    The course uniquely covers Dominance practices in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia, and Australasia, and different cultural nuances, enhancing your understanding of this fascinating world. Taught with passion and deep knowledge and insight, the Seven Realm Arts™ is recommended by Dominatrices and peers around the world for those seeking to learn.

Inana FemDom Retreat

Fully immersive learning and 24/7 FemDom dynamic at Inana FemDom Retreat - held in a castle in Portugal.

Dates: 3rd - 9th June 2024.

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Anne O Nomis

Anne is a world-expert teacher, speaker and author in Dominance studies. She holds a Masters degree in Comparative Art & Archaeology from UCL, is on the Leather Hall of Fame Committee, undertook her formal Domination internship in 2009, and has since taught at DomCon NOLA, Oz Kink Fest, been a speaker at CARAS USA and private Freud Museum talks, and featured as the Dominance expert on Sky TV’s Sex: A Bonkers History.

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New Work

The KI™

Anne’s new work has extended her research on psychologies of diverse and divergent sexualities and how they manifest in the everyday world around us. Revealing six major response expressions to fear, pressure, opportunity and arousal, The Ki ™ is a newly emergent understanding of life force expression that has the potential to revolutionise the way we think about our engagement with others and the world at large.

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