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Anne O Nomis

Anne O Nomis is an archaeologist and historian, and teacher of the Ki™ responses to power.

She authored The History & Arts of the Dominatrix, undertaking original research in museums, libraries and underground sources, and holds a Masters degree in Comparative Art and Archaeology from UCL (University College London). She is founder and teacher of Villa Domme, taught annually in a villa or castle since 2018.

Anne has taught at DomCon NOLA (New Orleans, USA), Oz Kink Fest, CARAS C2C Los Angeles, given private talks at the Freud Museum London, featured as Dominance historian and expert for Sky TV’s Sex: A Bonkers History, and as keynote speaker for Postgraduate UK Society of Aesthetics Conference 2023 at Kent University.

She is a member of the Leather Hall of Fame Committee, alongside community legends and leading academics in the field, including Bob Miller, Gayle Rubin, Viola Johnson, Guy Baldwin, Robert Bienvenu and others.

Her new work on the Ki™ framework responses to power is perceived as having the potential to revolutionise approaches and understandings of psychology. Anne is based in Melbourne, Australia, with her chambers in Melbourne city, and travels annually to UK, Europe and USA.

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Anne O Nomis learnt by a combination of apprenticeship with traditional switch training at the Dominas Realm in Melbourne in 2009 under a dozen Dominatrices, including in particular senior Mistress Electra Amore. (Who was in turn was trained by Mistress Britt in the 1990s at the House of Domination.) Anne undertook further learning and practice with some of the best Mistresses in UK and Europe over the subsequent years.

Anne’s distinctive Seven Realm Arts™ teaching has also been deeply informed by historical research, aided by her academic background in Comparative Art and Archaeology. Through her original research, she identified ancient rituals within Mesopotamia in honour of the Goddess Inanna - including gender transformations, punishment, moaning, ecstasy and entering trance states. Within secular tradition, she has traced the historical Dominatrix in accounts from the sixteenth century and onwards, evidenced in historical accounts in “forbidden books”, prints, artwork and collected ephemera. By the early 19th Century, the craft specialization had developed to the point of by then justifying significant numbers of dedicated establishments (for example 20 establishments in London alone by the beginning of the 19th Century), and long internships of learning the psychologies and arts, and most notably the famed practice of Governess Theresa Berkley.

Anne’s own teaching of the Seven Realm Arts™ and the Ki™ has inspired artists, advanced the professional practices of Dominance, been taken up by psychologists and therapists, and been put to personal and lifestyle application and empowerment.

Over 400 graduates (and counting) from all over the world have become part of her lineage.