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Curated Mistress Mentorship by Anne O Nomis is tailored to the individual and their needs.

With knowledge of the top Dominatrices around the world, Anne O Nomis curates the best Mistress suited to a particular student, with consideration to particular skill sets, psychological knowledge in power dynamic (lifestyle or professional, or both), proximity of geographical location where in-person training is sought or online mentoring also available.

Professional Domination

Advanced training in professional areas of the craft, advanced equipment know-how, professional business knowledge, problem-solving of issues coming up, handling challenges and difficulties, safety, maintenance of boundaries, mitigating risks and preventing burn-out, etc.

Personal exploration

Supporting journeying and self-development in exploration of power dynamics, Domination, submission, switch, kink, fetishes etc.

Education supporting therapy

Working with psychologists and therapists seeking expertise in kink and implications of power dynamic in relation to their clients and patients.

Lifestyle Domination

New ideas, knowledge and confidence, keeping it fresh, dealing with challenges coming up in the dynamic, understanding psychology of their partner / husband / submissive / slave / masochist, the “how to” of adding more advanced equipment and skills, mono and poly dynamics, etc.

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The process begins with an initial 50 minute consult with Anne O Nomis to ascertain individual needs and requirements. Anne will develop a personalised plan for mentorship, mapped out following that appointment.

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