On to Los Angeles USA

On to Los Angeles USA

After my upcoming trip to London, I am flying on to Los Angeles to keynote speak at the CARAS conference, known as "C2C West". 


C2C is a 2-3 day academic conference which presents cutting-edge research and clinical topics, and most of the talks offer Continuing Education (CE) credit with the APA (American Psychological Association). 

Dates: Friday 25th November - Sunday 27th November 2022

(There's also a "Meet the Faculty" on Thursday 24th November at 7 - 9 pm.)

Location: Integrated into the CLAW Leather Getaway event at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles.

Westin Bonaventure


The CARAS C2C conference features researchers, health care professionals, educators, students, advocates and community members. For those who are psychologists, you can register and get Continuing Education credit with the APA by attending.

(And yes my students - you are welcome to enrol and attend.)

I will be giving two talks at the conference. My first talk is on Friday 25th November 2022 at 2 pm - 4 pm on Expressions to "Thewen" Force Power; and my second talk is on Saturday 26th November at 2 - 4 pm on the History of the Dominatrix. 

And I am definitely going to need a lot of coffee, as I was also invited to take a seat on the Community Leaders and Researchers Panel Discussion which follows my Saturday talk, and runs 4.30 - 5.30 pm.

The programme summary for this year is viewable here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rLYWDX42pXhT-a-JRNHkhpCdIfMdYTn1/view

For those wanting information on the conference, on the talks being given you can visit: https://www.carasresearch.org/c2c-west

To register to attend the event, you can go to: https://clawinfo.org/caras

Price: Advance Registration: $249 / On-Site Registration: $299 / VIP Registration: $1250 / Registration free if you volunteer 6+ hours for CARAS


Link to CARAS more generally: https://www.carasresearch.org/our-mission


Note to my students:  
To my students on a budget I recommend that you consider the option of volunteering for 6+ hours for CARAS, which will gain you free entry and registration. If this appeals, you would want to make sure you've very thoroughly read all the pages above on the C2C at CLAW, and understand what you are getting yourself into.


If you have any queries about it, after reading through it all thoroughly, the contact is not me but CARAS C2C, and the specific email you will want to use for queries around volunteering etc is: c2c@carasresearch.org


I hope to see some of you there! 


x Anne O Nomis


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