School Mistress / corporal punishment scholastic disciplinarian Mistresses around the world

School Mistress / corporal punishment scholastic disciplinarian Mistresses around the world

Above: A print of a school discipline scene (with text narrating the scene) from 1752 made in London and held in Library of Congress USA collection titled "Flagellation": (and also featured in my book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix')

School Mistress / corporal punishment disciplinarian Mistresses

I have from time-to-time encountered people who are under the false impression that traditional Corporal Punishment school punishments and domestic discipline is no longer a "thing". I can assure you it is.

Corporal punishment sessions are most popular in places where corporal punishment was practiced in schools and in homes. And since corporal punishment has been outlawed in many places, this skews the average age and cultural background of clients to those who most typically received it in childhood. Some have noted the significance of English boarding schools which used to give out a lot of corporal punishment, of certain implements specifically used in particular places such as rattan rug beaters used in parts of Asia, and of Scottish tawses used in Scotland, and the martinet in France, and so on.

The disciplinarian female authority giving out school punishment and domestic discipline remains an enduring specialization of the Dominatrix craft around the world.  

In fact, Mistresses to this day keep collections of authentic implements - school canes, leather belts, leather straps, wooden hair brushes, school slippers, and so forth. In some cases regionally specific implements such as the tawse in Scotland to cater for clients who require a specific familiar implement from childhood.

To honour this craft specialization of the Dominatrix disciplinarian, I have begun putting together a list of Mistresses who particularly offer this service. Some even have their own dedicated school room.

Photo: Courtesy of Mistress Servalan who has had a schoolroom in Australia for over 20 years and specialises in Scholastic Discipline. In the photo is Hannah Elliot and naughty S who she notes in the caption have distinct cane preferences.



Anne Valentina  

Anna Valentina based in Portland, OR, USA

Twitter: @AnnaValentina

She advertises: "If you have ever been left unsatisfied after a spanking, you need to see me. I specialize in hard, thorough, expertly paced spankings.

You will be secured firmly across my lap - you'd be surprised how strong my thighs are - and your bottom warmed to a solid red flush. I know all the angles and spots to guarantee you a tender sitting-down afterwards. And I will push you to the greatest heights of your tolerance: when you feel comfortable and trusting of your Top, it's amazing how far you can go.

  • over-the-knee HAND SPANKING
  • leather paddles, institutional straps and razor strops
  • wooden hairbrushes, belts, slippers
  • tawses, floggers, riding crops
  • figging, mouth-soaping, hand-whipping 
  • lectures, corner time, written sentences

Mx Eve Minax based in San Francisco USA


Mistress Simone Chicago & Saint Louis

Twitter: @chicagomistress


Dominurtrix Miss Chris in Phoenix, Arizona  Twitter: @Dominurtrix


Mistress Shayne Atrophy in New York, USA Twitter: @MistressShayne 


Mistress Elena de Luca in New York, USA Twitter: 


"I love scholastic and domestic discipline. I even offer special rates for “Strictly Spanking” sessions."


The Empress Jasmine Wu in Miami USA & touring to multiple locations Twitter: @ThankYouEmpress 



Mistress Melody Pond in Southern California, USA Twitter: @MissMelsPond


Miss Georgia Payne in Los Angeles, CA, USA Twitter: @Georgia_Payne01

"I specialize in this genre in the USA."


Mistress Pomf in Florida, USA

Twitter: @MistressPomf

"After a hard spanking, She softly placed Her hand on my arm to reassure me everything was ok. It was a great gesture. However, every time She spit on me, She stared into my eyes to remind me She was the boss. i won’t forget Her beautiful eyes piercing my soul!"



Opehlia Margaux in San Francisco, CA, USA. Twitter: @OpheliaMargaux

"No classroom/desk but I have vivid memories from Christian private school & enjoy incorporating etiquette in sessions along w/ caning, tawse, ruler, hairbrush"


Mistress Servalan, Sydney, Australia Twitter: @msservalan (Note: Mistress Servalan has her own dedicated school room)

Blog post: She writes: "Yum – so as everyone knows I absolutely adore administering the cane. When I first started at Salon Kitty’s as an apprentice many years ago my personal life experience meant that I was “authorised” pretty much straight away to conduct heavy discipline sessions – I was taught to flog and cane by an ex-professional Mistress who took me under her wing in my first tentative steps into the kink community back in the 90s. I believe that my previous experience as an ex-fencer (I competed in sabre to a National level) stood me in good stead when it came to using a cane!

...Interestingly caning is the one area where I’m happy to take direction – while I never appreciate a bondage sub detailing how he wants to be bound (apart from general information and preferences)  certain masochistic caning fetishists may only be able to process the intense sensations of a severe thrashing under certain circumstances. This might relate to caning position, the diameter of the cane, timing, number of strokes at a time and so on. While the energy exchange is very different from a role play or a D/s focused session it’s still an amazing intense experience and being a part of it is so very enjoyable for me."


Hannah Elliot pro-sub & switch Mistress Twitter: @_truesubmissive

Hannah Elliot is recommended as "the ultimate Head Prefect switch. She’s an exceptional devotee of the cane on either side."


Mistress Electra Amore in Melbourne & Sydney, Australia (& tours) Twitter: @MzElectraAmore

"School punishment - It’s one of my favourite CP role plays, particularly when it involves the cane." 


Mistress Violet in Melbourne, Australia Twitter: 




Ms Chasey Devil in Melbourne, Australia  Twitter: @MsChaseyD


Mistress Misty in Melbourne, Australia Twitter: @Mistylatex1



Mistress Zoe in Melbourne, Australia Twitter: @ZoeDemure

Corporal Punishment: Nothing pleases me more then a polite and well-behaved, genuine masochist! I take enormous pleasure from giving you that delicious agony your body craves. I will be your governess, your sexy principal, or your strict auntie who must punish you over and over for your naughty indiscretions. Whether you want a strict and stern disciplinarian or a sensual and loving Mistress, I relish in my role and delight in your reactions. I have a large collection of canes and other implements. With precision and skill I can measure my strokes to suit your level, whether light, medium or heavy. I also enjoy hand strapping, and Bastinado.


Mistress Mynx in Melbourne, Australia Twitter: @Mistress_Mynx

"So much fun with this (school punishment) in the past. A particular naughty boy would bring me his collection of historic straps. Delightfully delicious times."


Georgette Delphine in Melbourne, Australia Twitter: @Domina_Delphine


Mistress Amara in Cairns, Australia  Twitter: 



Mistress Dee Ville in Brisbane, Australia Twitter: @MstressDeeVille

"I love giving an old fashioned spanking, and playing with textures, rhythm, and intensity, this can be very extensive if well deserved! I also enjoy harsher treatment as the situation at hand requires! (Such as caning, and specialty straps.) I have a school room set up at my GoldCoast Facility, and very much enjoy domestic discipline at my Brisbane Address."


Strictly Miss Brown, London, UK Twitter: 



Miss Iceni, London, UK Twitter: 

@Mistress_Iceni & she has a page here on her website outlining some possibilities:


Goddess Soria, South Wales, UK Twitter: @GoddessSoria


Mistress Lagerth, West Midlands, UK & Europe. Website: Twitter: @MistressLagerth


Goddess Cleo in London, UK  Twitter: @Goddess_Cleo

Who notes: "I even live in a converted school 😉 "


Miss Svenson caning therapist in South East UK



Mistress Ava Von Medisin in Norwich / Norfolk, UK (& International). Twitter: @AvaVonMedisin


Miss Amy Hunter in London, UK Twitter @HelloMissHunter

"Having spent several years as a popular spankee both on websites and in sessions, my skills as a Domme were built from my personal experiences, and over the last few years I have honed them to become a very firm - but usually fair -disciplinarian, using my natural dominance and love of power interaction.

Having been on the other end of the cane, so to speak, I am in an excellent position to know how it feels, both physically and psychologically."




Mistress Kalyss Mercury in Oslo, Norway (and tours other locations) Twitter: @kalyssmercury

"Yes, of course! Teacher student role plays are a lot of fun! Here in #Norway, we even have a "Girls Boarding School" weekend event a few times a year. Most school boys prefer private tuition..."


Note: This list is not "comprehensive" and skewed to those who happen to follow me on Twitter and responded to my shout-out on who is offering such sessions. It is quite time-consuming for me to list everyone and upload photos and links, so I've done the best I can for now and will continue to update when I'm able around my other commitments.

x Anne O Nomis

Photo courtesy of: SinaminSchnapps Twitter: @SinaminSchnapps


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