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Electra Amore

Curated Mistress Mentorship by Electra Amore is tailored to the individual and their needs.

Electra Amore is an expert in Dominance practices, with over 25 years of experience across multiple countries. She undertook formal Domination apprenticeship in the mid-90s in Melbourne under Mistress Britt, and has undergone further learning and practice in London and Germany, gaining her a depth of knowledge and cross-cultural expertise approaches within her field. She has run independent Domination businesses within the industry, including latex business Bella Rubber from 2007; creating bespoke attire, importing and wholesaling of sheeting from manufacturers, undertaking and training others in product care and repair.

Electra has advanced training and study across the field of Sexology and Somatic practices and approaches to healing, from leaders in the field. Amongst her training has included certification from the Institute of Somatic Sexology, qualifications and certification as a teacher in Urban Tantra under Barbara Carallas, Emotional Release and Spiral Practitioner certification, and Betty Martin’s Like a Pro / Wheel of Consent training. She is presently engaged in further study in Oriental Medicine Framework mind-body approaches to healing.

One of her major areas of specialization is in teaching and training in Dominance practices, and in materialization and transfiguration of Ki Acquiescence states of altered consciousness, presently known within industry by the colloquial umbrella term of “sub space”. Her facilitation includes transducers of thewen force power, impact play, roleplay, garments, second skin materiality, cocooning, bondage, compression, suspension, emotional clearing and release, and re-emergence.

Electra was one of Anne’s primary teachers in 2009, and has taught at Oz Kink Fest annually. Electra was hand-selected from all the practitioners in the world - to be Senior Teacher and Mentor of the Seven Realm Arts certificate training, Advanced Mistressery and new SSO training (Sublucidas - Somnus - Ortos). She is based presently in Melbourne Australia, and travels periodically, mentoring and teaching in-person and via Zoom.

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The process begins with an initial 50 minute consult with Electra Amore to ascertain individual needs and requirements. Anne will develop a personalised plan for mentorship, mapped out following that appointment.

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